Monday, December 05, 2005

It's Time For Apocalyptic Snowfall!

We're supposed to get some snowflakes later today and through the night. About 2-4" when things stop tomorrow morning so it's not much. Of course, the season's first snowfall means it's not only time to get your shovels out of the shed, but also for news directors and producers to "blow" everything out of proportion for higher ratings, not to menton (so I will) lots of stupid banter between anchors and weatherpeople.

Since it's a 1/3", a reporter MUST say it's a treacherous walk since any snow is dangerous.

This is a weak system, yet we'll still be told from Stormcenter or Stormbase or Storm Headquarters that the storm team or stormwatch or storm alert is watching or out on patrol or blanketing (oh those news directors are so funny!) the area to cover this snowfall event or major activity or solid disturbance and use the Live Duel Double Doppler Millennium Falcon 3-D Tracking XT 3000 Delta Radar. Like opening up a new present, I can't wait to see what every station calls its "thingy". Radar titles are winter's TV station pissing contest.

I love irony.

All the while telling us they'll give the "latest information you need to know". Gee, really thanks for not telling me old news that I don't care about...and for already assuming you know what I want to hear, but nevermind that, you just go ahead. It's really the viewer's fault for relying on TV for local news since he/she knows what he/she is getting with them, or is it that TV news departments know what you're going to get because they know what "news you need to know" so you're getting what you should get, but just didn't know it yet?

Awww how anchor actually had to write her own material.

Even the DC area handles a system of this size with ease, so let's save all the hyperbole and shots of reporters walking through snow (if only for us to laugh at while we're warm inside our homes) for storms with a minimum total of 7".

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