Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Really, you can't be THAT dumb, can you?

I was driving in a neighborhood parking lot yesterday morning and saw some youth (or yoot) driving his blue two-door car with his driverside window down. There'd be nothing wrong with this except for the fact that every remaining square inch of his car was covered in 1.5 inches of snow. He was driving his car by sticking his head out the window! Hello? McFly? Anybody in there? Try cleaning off your car. I know this sounds crazy, but when you remove snow from your window, you get to see through the window. Incredible. And I thought people who didn't remove the snow off the roofs of their cars were going to be today's topic - not when someone drives his car with his head out the window because it's covered in snow.

Who needs clear windows to drive?

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