Friday, December 02, 2005

Who's the genius that came up with this idea?

Depending on my workday carpooling route, I swing over the Key Bridge into Rosslyn. Amid wild bikers and pedestrians who think they're safe when they cross anywhere, but the crosswalk, is an annoyingly-placed Rosslyn map. It's about 5-feet tall and 2.5-feet wide with an overview of Rosslyn's main streets. While I'm sure it helps out-of-towners (though I've never seen someone look at it), its location at North Nash Street and Wilson Boulevard couldn't be worse.

Thanks to Google Maps, you too can see the intersection in all of its glory. Since the right onto Wilson is a yield and you look down Wilson for other cars, people, bikers, and oompa-loompas, you're blocked from seeing everything because of the sign. When checking the leftside of the intersection, I have to look left of the sign and then quickly to the right (of the sign) and assume I didn't miss anyone blocked behind it in the center. It does so well at challenging turning drivers that I think someone in the DOT placed it there at that angle on purpose. It's impossible to accidently position an obstacle like this when it's so good at blocking the view on the left.

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