Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rachel Ray and her EVOO

After visiting the mall last night, I saw an advertisement that Rachel Ray will be signing her new book at the Border's in White Flint mall. I thought it'd be cool to have my picture taken with her, but then I wondered what good it'd be to have the picture. It starts at 6, but the little amount of precipitation we're getting today might scare everyone from driving. She does make homestyle meals (in under 30 minutes) and overall I enjoy her cooking, but there are few things that divide our nation into liking or hating RR (I call her by her initials because we're close like that).

Deeeeeee-lish! But it needs some EVOO.

She likes abbreviating some phrases, most common of which is EVOO for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She only saves 3 syllables by doing this so I don't think she should keep using the abbreviation. Of course, whenever I have to use some extra virgin olive oil, I have to make the joke and say EVOO so it at least it has some comedic value.

I match the plate colors.

When it's time to get condamints or other ingrediants from her cabinet in the back, she always tries carrying everything at once. This includes pots and pans too. I just want to tell her she could comfortably carry everything if she just took two trips to the cabinet instead of one. Nobody's pressuring her to save time by making one trip. I know the show is "30-minute meals", but I'm confident she has 5 seconds to spare and make the extra trip.

I've got my own show and wrote 9 cookbooks, how cool is that?

She also enjoys saying, "how cool is that?" and "Deee-lish". These and her other cutesy lines are a little annoying, but it shows real enthusiasm for what she's making. Plus, every cook gets excited and thinks/says the same thing as they make their meal. I haven't tried any of her dishes, but they do look good. Her meal for tailgating, a combination of hot dog pieces, cracker jacks, and mac and cheese didn't sound too apealing, but just about everything else has. While her sayings can get a little annoying, I don't mind her cooking and you can't discount her enthusiasm or good recipes.

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