Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise = 21-Hour Workday

I've slept all of 30 minutes in the last 33 hours, 21 hours of which were in front of my computer at work. Arriving at 7:30a Wednesday and leaving at 4:30a Thursday, it was a mighty shift. I left the apartment as the sun rose only to see it rise again the next day without a break. Days morphed into each other and my slow-to-develop 5 o'clock shadow made a rare appearance in the office. It felt like I was running some charity telethon on TV where I earned money the longer I was on air. With each passing hour I became deliriously laugh-happy, making jokes when there were none and laughing when none were made.

Slacker! I stayed awake without coffee. The only caffeine I got was from a single bottle of Coca-cola.

My eyes were bloodshot and my lumbar constantly reminded me I needed a different chair. My deodorant quit working after sunset, thereby allowing a slow sweat to seep into everything I wore and every person's olfactory within five feet. I was a sight for sore eyes...the eyes being my own looking into a mirror. I must have advanced my Carpal Tunnel development at least a decade.

I've finished my 21-hour training to host the next Jerry Lewis MDA telethon.


lacochran said...

Are you going to sing "When you walk through a storm hold your head up high..." Don't forget to tear up on the second verse.

bozoette said...

Hey, go to bed! ;-) And thanks for your comment; I had no idea I'd gotten the mention in the Express!