Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Is Now The Tooth Devil

At 28, I have never had a cavity worth filling. In fact, my teeth have been quite healthy. I laugh when a family member needs work; always quick to remind them that I've never had a cavity and haven't been a regular flosser.

This changed yesterday morning.

I went to the dentist because I had been feeling a pain shoot from my lower right teeth to my ear canal when I'd chew. It didn't happen with every bite, but it happened enough to bother me. The dentist did some diagnostics and said to come back for the root canal (!!!) when the pain didn't let me sleep through the night.

The four stages of root canal pain and suffering.

Wait a second. I went from Mr. No Cavities to Mr. Root Canal just like that? Plus, he told me I actually have cavities worth filling! Stupid calcification and nighttime teeth grinding. My parents will be happy to know the dentist said my teeth are perfectly straight, meaning they got their money's worth from my teenage years of braces. However, that didn't ease my pain much.

The Cavity Creeps got to me!

I got all numbed up and had my cavities filled. I spent the rest of the day drinking from a straw, drooling when I spoke (like Kramer (sorry I'm on a Seinfeld reference binge)), and trying to remove food left next to my gums that I couldn't feel was there until I poked around with my finger. It was quite a scene.

By dinner I had the feeling back in my tongue, teeth, and gums. This allowed me to enjoy the residual pain from all of the pulling and prodding. My SO felt bad so she took me for some spectacular soft serve ice cream (proudly subsidized by my Cheapo Depot buy-one-get-one free coupon). I didn't enjoy it as much because all I could think about was how the ice cream's sugar would rot my teeth for the eventual root canal.

I hope the dentist plans a great vacation with the money I'll have to pay in a year when the pain becomes too much.

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