Friday, March 14, 2008

TiVO Highlight Reel Needed

I have really enjoyed my TiVO the last 20 months and look forward to 16 more until my contract runs out and I work'em down to a cheap monthly price. I've learned to never question it when a show is not recorded and if TiVO tells me a show will air, the show will air. It never fails. I could live without it and just watch less TV, but its convenience makes it a very nice luxury.

Don't be so sad, I'll probably renew next year.

After my buddy showed me how to set the remote to skip ahead in 30-second increments, I was set. This function is great for football games because it's about 30 seconds between plays, allowing you to miss the worthless instant replay of a 3-yard run and the announcer banter. To my SO's bother, I try to use the 30-second skip during non-sporting shows and I always mess up. I always skip too far ahead and have to hit the 8-second rewind button 3 times (meaning I overskipped by 24 seconds).

The guts that let me play God with TV scheduling.

The only feature TiVO needs is a simple and instant way to record small clips of programming to make a highlight reel. Whether it's a sports play, punchline, or kick to the groin on America's Funniest Videos, it'd be cool to call those up at a moment's notice. I could make my own using the same method for my Super Bowl DVD, but most clips aren't worth that much effort. People of TiVO, you have read my wish.
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