Monday, March 17, 2008

Stubbornly Testing My Gas Tank's Capacity

I pushed my luck with Friday's traffic and arrived at work with the low gas warning light all lit up. I really cut it close this time because I was able to fill my 20-gallon tank (it seems much less when I have an estimated 15 miles until empty) with 16.266 gallons of the lowest grade (I am Cheapo Depot afterall). At $3.299/gallon, I paid $53.66 to drive my car. I'm sure it'll get higher in the next few months, but I still have to drive so I don't have much choice.

It's funny that I continue taking such chances with the gas tank. When I was younger, I had this incredible fear that we'd run out of gas and be stranded. Of course stranded meant Route 4 or Route 17 in Paramus, NJ, so we weren't exactly far from civilization. Yet, now that I drive on my own (read: adult), I find myself pushing my car's gas usage limits at least once a month. It's a stupid game because I don't know what traffic problems will emerge, forcing me to idle when I expected to make it driving at full speed without issue.

Maryland House rest area elevator goes up...elevator goes down.

I have lost this game before. I ran out of gas on 95 north because I thought I had just enough to make it to the Maryland House rest area. When the power steering went, I quickly got out of the right lane and onto the shoulder to wait for the roadside assistance with egg on my face.

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Brian Greenbaum said...

I think you're missing the true story here--the Maryland House video. It had drama, suspense, and a little bit of comedy. I almost cried in awe of its brilliance.