Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Sister's LA Marathons Makes Me a Lazy Bum

My sister moved to the Left Coast a few years ago and reminds me of how nice the weather is every freakin' day of the week. I don't blame her. As B and T Crowd children, we endured many cold winter months that weren't conducive to consistent outdoor exercise. Since she moved to Cali, she has enjoyed the weather by running on a consistent basis, with as much, if not more success than she had during her strong high school track days.

She joined a running club and runs 20 or so miles with them every Saturday....20 miles! The running club has helped her run not one, not two, but three marathons in the last year. Her marathon running is the greatest athletic achievement in the family. Sure, we don't have back-to-back Super Bowl MVPs like the Mannings, but for us, it's damn impressive. As Members of the Tribe, we have to celebrate what athletic accomplishments we have.

No marathons for these there!

Her second LA marathon and third overall, was completed today as she shaved several minutes off of her first marathon last year. I had plans to at least run on the treadmill for 20 minutes today, but got distracted (procrastinated really) with editing my homemade Super Bowl DVDs. Oh sure, I was also a good brother by keeping everyone abreast of her location, extrapolating (how scientific) when she'd arrive at each milemarker, and making a video of the streamed KNBC feed from the finish line when she crossed, but I didn't exactly break a sweat today.

Now it's dinnertime and I'm eating Safeway Select pizza.

I have done little to burn any calories today and haven't done much since Thursday. This means that today's sibling calories burned scale is something like: 3,000 for my sister and 27 for me. I was a lazy bum today. The healthy sibling rivalry in me makes me want to workout and maybe compete in the Army 10-miler, yet I did nothing toward that goal today unlike my first false attempt.

Oh...there she the white!

I love that she runs marathons and enjoys her annoyingly consistent weather, but I end up moping that I don't run as much. I should stop procrastinating with this blog post about procrastinating and break a sweat tomorrow afternoon. After all, it's a rare winter day here that's warmer than a southern California night.

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