Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have never ate Taco Bell food...blasphemy!

I must be one of a few 20-something males who has never ate at Taco Bell. My SO enjoys a good Taco Grande once in a while, but I have never taken the plunge. As the resident "Cheapo Depot" (as my sister calls me), Taco Bell's prices definitely fit my budget, but I worry what it'll do to my intestinal tract. I have this notion that a soft taco's greasiness will make it fly through me like a slip n' slide. Was that too much information? Come on, as if nobody connects grease content level to issues down the line.

Please, no taco kisses from Taco Bell.

I fear it'll be like the time I was a secret shopper at the Rockville Hooters. Things were going well enough until I asked my cousin how fast the food moves once inside. He said 15 minutes. Well, 15 minutes later it was time to visit the bathroom. My eyes looked at nothing but the bathroom doors on the way there. It was that bad. I fear Taco Bell will do the same and it gives me a reason to continue avoiding it. Why stop now? The longer I avoid it, the better the story. Plus, Chipotle (I pronounce it Chi-pot-ull) is better and worth a few more bucks for a burrito.

Yeah, ummm, I'm gonna have to pass.

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Sammy said...

Is there such a thing as fake-cheese psuedo-quasi-lactose intolernace?

Sammy said...

If there was you'd have it. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Umm that is just a Small Cup filled with potatoes and Nacho Cheese. What do you mean you'll pass? it doesnt even have sour cream if it did it would look alot worse lol.

Anonymous said...

that looks good