Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sonic Restaurant Drive-In...Please Stop Teasing Me

I know women can be teases, but why does my favorite burger joint follow suit? Sonic has some great menu options, from its fresh burgers and onion ring sides, to its "famous" slushes. But unlike every fast food chain that advertises on TV, the nearest sonic from Bethesda, MD, is 55 miles away in Fredericksburg, VA! And of all places, why does Fredericksburg get two locations within 3 miles of each other when the Baltimore/DC area gets none?

In-n-Out burgers have nothing on this masterpiece. Though the secret menu is cool.

The only Sonic I make it to is on the way home from the beach. It's located in Bridgeville, DE, found after going through a few rinky-dink towns (read: snob). I might be 83.81 miles from home, but it's all forgotten when I pull into my drive-in lane and engulf an onion ring. 15 minutes later, I'm back on the road after a fully satisfying meal of burgers, sides, and slushes.

Would it really pain Sonic to build a location closer to the metro area? It makes me want to heed Brideville's motto, "If you lived here, you would already be home." I would be far from work and have a hellish commute, but at least there'd be a Sonic waiting for me at home.

Enjoy the parody commercial below:

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