Friday, June 16, 2006

I'd Like To Welcome Myself to the 21st Century

The other day, I overheard someone talking about this gadget called TiVO. Have you heard of it? I knew nothing about it, let alone how it's spelled so I decided to investigate. It turns out, this TiVO thing is pretty cool. No longer would I have to do things on "the man's" schedule. No longer would some programming director or TV executive determine when I'd be able to a break for a few minutes and wash the dishes from last night's dinner. Nope. I would tell TV when and what to play. If I had to take out the garbage or check to see I didn't burn the mini tater tots, I'd no longer have to wait for the opportune time during commercial breaks. I would decide that time. Who knew this incredible invention has been around for a few years and that anyone who's anyone who knows TV has been using it?

My new TV slave. I shall call him...TiVO.

I've never seriously considered making the TiVO move until the last few weeks when I got a personal demonstration by our mini-golf friends. It seems easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to become addicted. All of which means it's a good buy for me. I never thought I'd get enough out of TiVO so I always brushed it aside, until I realized there actually are many shows I enjoy watching and always miss or forget to tape (yes, I still use a VCR to catch a show that I want to watch). Also, TiVO would improve the quality of my TV watching in that I'd skip commercials and other unimportant and uninteresting parts of a show.

The magic box that changes lives.

Unfortunately, the lifetime subscription for $300 is no longer available execpt off of EBay for twice that amount. This leaves me with the best deal - 3 pre-paid years for $469 (~$13/month). With the dual-tuner, 80-hour box, the total comes to $499 (~$14/month). My order was placed a few days ago and I should be TiVOing all of my shows sometime next week. The next-generation TiVO box will have HD capability, but since my budget doesn't allow for an HDTV (nor that I really need one anyway) and that it's not for sale yet, I'm fine with this current generation box.

I will enjoy my power trip...telling the RB when he's allowed to run.

Now I will finally take control away from the TV programmers of the world and watch my idiot-box on my own schedule. Viva TiVO Freedom! Viva La Revolution!


MegaZone said...

Welcome to the cult.

You'll find there is a lot more TiVo can do besides just recording and playing back TV. Broadband content, music, photos. weather, traffic, buying movie tickets, games (admittedly simple ones), etc. Put the TiVo on your broadband connection and it can do a lot - and check out things like and for more. There is a list of resources at


B and T Crowd said...

Thanks for the reminder. I forgot to mention all of those other bells and whistles. Thanks for visiting.

MappyB said...

Oh dear, welcome to heaven! It's so addictive, and I wish you luck.

I used to record Law & Order SVU, then I would come home and realize it was on about 5 times a day on USA, and I would feel that I had homework to catch up was great!