Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An Open Suggestion to Chevy Car Designers

Please do not place a chrome/metallic panel along the back of the trunk. When the sun is out, the panel's reflection blinds the driver and passengers in the car behind. I'm not talking about a dimmed light that wearing sunglasses would handle (not even aviator glasses). I'm talking about the car's ability to bring the enjoyment of looking directly into the sun all the way to M street in Georgetown on Monday morning. Fortunately, Chevy's metallic panel does not affect the sun's gravitational pull, but that might be in the next model's design. The glare forced me to put my visor down and move my head and point of view all over the place in a failed attempt to save my retinas. I gladly let a car in front of me before going over the Key Bridge. Voluntarily losing 30 seconds to traffic is worth it to avoid seeing that point of light us migraine sufferers always hate.

One time when bling-bling isn't appreciated.


sammygeerock said...

Traffic or Metro which do I blog about today? Funny. Nice link to the Aviator Glasses, shameless self promotion and I loves it.

avocadoinparadise said...

And they should stop designing so many SUVs too. What do they think they're doing? Killing their sales and the planet at the same time, that's what!