Friday, June 09, 2006

My Mom's Aviator Style Was Ahead of Her Time

I am no fashion maven, expert, or savant compared to anyone. Determining what to wear outside of when I'm going to exercise, catch a game, or just run some errands is beyond my understanding. Nevertheless, this is my blog so it is my space to remark on things that even I deem as fashionably unfashionable fashion. Maybe I'm just out of the loop or don't understand the difference between style and real style, but this trend of gigantic bug-eyed sunglasses has got to go. Part of my reasoning is some people fail miserably while trying to pulloff this style and the other is my mom has worn these shades for as long as I can remember. That's right. My mom has always worn these shades so what does that say about you?

Where's the flyswatter?

Fortunately, my mom doesn't quite fit perfectly into that stereotypical Jewish mother, Linda Richman (Cawfee Tawk), fashion sense of style thanks to my sister who looks over her clothes whenever she visits. Nevertheless, amid my mom's penchant for Ann Taylor and comfy clothes from the Gap, the only trendy, current generation (what letter generation is this by the way?), hip, with the times, trendsetting thing that she has worn has also been her staple forever - bug-eyed sunglasses. My mom has been ahead of the fashion world's curve by a few decades and now her style is all the rage. She has been wearing gigantic sunglasses as long as I've been alive and who knows how long before that. Such foresight to know, that in a mere 26 years, large sunglasses would be worn by everyone who's anyone, from the fashionably snobbess streets of Beverly Hills and Brentwood to Fashion Week in New York and the runways of Paris, my mom is a style psychic.

I'll give you a topic...people trying to look like me 15 years after my skit aired.

Before J-Lo, Britney, Mariah, or any other shallow talentless celebrity woman out there began wearing this all too typical Jewish mother style of sun protection, my mom beat them to it. My mom deserves credit for having the revolutionary idea to wear sunglasses whose lenses have diameters the size of softballs. Sure, most people want a sleeker and cleaner looking pair of shades that slickly hides the windows to their soul from the sun. But not my mom. Nope, she and every high-fashion person who knows everything about style and design, desire sunglasses nowhere near proportioned to the size of their face. Why only protect your eyes when you can cover your face from the bottom of your forehead to your entire cheekbone? At this rate you'd think a full facemask is the next step. Ah, but you'd be wrong as my mom does not wear a full facemask in the sun.

Aviator glasses are so cool when you're not flying a plane.

Though the frame and lens colors should agree in some way, it really doesn't matter once you've already put on a pair of my mom's signature series oversize sunglasses. By then, you're automatically (I suppose) too cool for school - nevermind my mom started the trend over 25 years ago. I love my mom and her style is her style, but is copying her sunglasses the best you can do?

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MappyB said...

"Why only protect your eyes when you can cover your face from the bottom of your forehead to your entire cheekbone?"

That's great!