Thursday, June 01, 2006

How Moses Dealt With Metro Paparrazi

On the heels of finding out I'm not the only one undressing in DC during the recent hot spell, I'll share what happened to me after reaching the metro lastThursday- with just my undershirt on of course.

Hold onto whatever you can and get ready for the next great rollercoaster - DC rush hour!

Last Thursday's metro ride home was quite eventful for my lowly 10-minute journey. I overhead someone on the platform say that around 3, trains were running 30 minutes apart which meant less trains to move more and more people. When I got to the platform just after 5, trains were running every 2 minutes as usual, but people were waiting 3 or 4 deep and had to let a train or two passby because there was no room. I only had to let one go buy before jumping onboard. And no, I didn't have to push my way on as some others did on the train before (not wearing my dress shirt gave me that necessary breathing room). I had just enough room to literally stand my ground through 3 stops.

Am I out of line with this comparison?

After reaching my stop, I realized being 3 or 4 deep wasn't so bad because now it was just a mass of people (8 deep) waiting to get a ride. When the doors opened there was no clear path onto the platform as those waiting clearly forgot how this whole let-people-off-first strategy works. As the lead person getting off, I made my intentions known and the sea of people parted like, well, the Red sea. Suddenly I felt like a celebrity (or Moses if you want to keep the pious theme) with bodyguards around me clearing a path to my stairwell of freedom (or like leading the Israelites out of Egypt). There were so many people on each side of the platform just staring at me that I felt like a celebrity. I almost thought I should stop and sign some autographs and deal with the paparazzi, but the reality they just stared at me because my seat was now open. If only for a fleeting moment, they were fans of me because I was off the train meaning more room for them.

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