Thursday, June 22, 2006

70,000 Cans of Beer On the Wall, 70,000 Cans of Beer...

This is probably old for those of you are "with it" about internet stories, but checkout this house filled with several thousand beer cans. The tenat had cheap taste since most of the cans were Coors Light, but it's an awesome achievement. I'd put it on my resume' if I were him. It's not like he probably has much else going for him, plus it's a great icebreaker at an interview for that corporate executive position....or not. The real estate agent who discoverd the collection, Ryan Froerer, said he has spoken to the previous owner who said he has stopped drinking and was welcomed back to his old job. I wish him the best, but I know nothing else in his life will eclipse this beer collection.

The place looks fine from the outside.

Until you try opening the door.

70,000 x $0.05/can = $3,500 for recycling!


avocadoinparadise said...

I had friends at college whose house looked like this!

Lebon14 said...

huh... it's not 35$ for recycling... it's 3500$.