Monday, September 12, 2005

Picking Johnny Appleseed's Fruits of Labor

Since I never sleep late on the weekends, even after a late night of dancing on Friday night, I was wide awake by 7:30 on Saturday. While this is annoying, it does let me get things done before the rest of the country wakes up to run their errands, etc. So this Saturday I made my way to my favorite (and only) apple picking locale that is Homestead Farms in Poolesville. There were lots of apples available for picking since most people only think of apple picking when the temperature is below 65 on a regular basis (also known as fall, but that would've been too easy to type). Of course, I beat the rush of cars that arrived around noon and promptly took a nap after it was all done.

When I went to Homestead two years ago, I really fell for (or is that reached for?) their tart Jonathan apples. I definitely got my fair share of Jonathan's this time. After my last visit, I took home about 18 pounds that quickly went once I got home (mostly because they were left in my trunk for too long), so this time I hauled in 23 pounds and have learned my lesson! I paid about $18 for them ($0.99/lb up to 20 lbs and $0.79/lb after 20 lbs). The farm still had its corn maze, but I wasn't in the mood to get lost when I all I wanted was to get home and start eating what I harvested.

The farm offers lots of other fresh fruits and vegetables, but ya can't go wrong with their apples. I enjoyed the picking (if that's the right way to say it) since I could grab a few apples out of the reach of the average picker and got some larger ones. As long you take care of the pesticide, the apples will taste better than anything at your supermarket. So make your way out River Road, past the large houses on their incredibly large properties, and get some apples before I come back for another 23 pounds.

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