Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Beware: False Katrina Video Links - AOL

I was sent two two emails with the same message, but from different AOL users. It read:

Hi, My name is Sara and I'm a current resident in Jackson, MS. I would just like to show you the video of hurricane katrinas damage through my area. Please share this with your friends and let them see the real disaster that TV won't show you.

While this might seem harmless, the link at the end finishes with ".exe" which is an executable program. This means you shouldn't click such links (or any other email links) concerning Katrina because they'll most likely mess up your computer. Also, the AOL account the program is linked to was different from the person sending it. Plus, no video is worth watching when it has a good chance of harming your files. And if you needed anymore reasons, the emails are missing an apostrophe in "katrinas".

It's really sad that someone wants to use the Katrina disaster to spread a computer virus/worm, so be warned.

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