Monday, September 19, 2005

Necessity is the mother of invention

I didn't post over the weekend because I went home for some homecooking, familytime, and to of course see the dog. Before getting to the turnpike for the ride home, I filled up (rather someone else did it for me thanks to NJ's full service laws) with some nice $3/gallon gas and decided to wash my windshield. Then, something incredible happened, the windshield squeegee (yes, that's what it looks like in print) didn't have its typically short handle. Oh no, this one was extended, allowing me to reach all the way across the windshield without any trouble. Previously, you could try reaching the other side, but severely risked getting your shirt covered in "cleaning" solution. Otherwise, the short handle created the horrifying task of walking around your car to finish the cleaning - the evil nerve of its inventor! This also created a semi-transparent line where your reach ended when you washed and then squeegeed the glass.

I know we've all had the same dying request when we wash our windows, so it was about time someone finally had the manufacturing means to extend the freakin' handle! If it's just a New Jersey thing, since I haven't seen it down in Maryland, I think we need to pass legislation and make this a Federal, if not international law.

While there will be some State vs. Federal issues, I have faith that if not for us, for the next generation of drivers, our politicians will fight through the red tape and powerful gas station squeegee lobbyist groups, to remove both the fear of getting one's shirt wet and the agony of walking around the car to wash the other side.

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