Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apple Picking Ecstasy At Larriland Farm

With my favorite apple picking farm out of apples, I took my chances with one of the few apple picking farms with apples - Larriland Farm. I was apprehensive because it was a new apple source, but after two hours on the property it has now become this blog's top choice for all things apples, pumpkins, and farm festivities.I   rocked my usual 25 pounds of apples and later enjoyed apple pie. Now, onto the photos!
The first Larriland farm owner was entombed in wood.

The farm has plenty of pumpkins to place on your porch for neighborhood kids to smash.

Pick a squash any squash.

Just a few bucks gets you a hayride that travels slower than walking.

But you get to see paper-mached fairytale characters used without proper licensing fees.

The ultimate Paper Tiger...chortle, chortle, chortle.

Look! It's that girl played by that actress from that movie based on that book that I never read.

"We've fallen and we can't get up," said the grounded apples, knowing they'll never be picked.

Looks parallel to me.

Eating apples with pesticide gives them a real kick on your tongue and burning in your stomach.

Howard County is known for breeding llama-looking species.

Yeah Terps! The on-site chainsaw-wielding woodcutter knows what his audience wants.

The Five-foot tall hay maze...a great place to accidentally lose your kid on purpose for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

I never saw real hay like this in the NYC suburbs.

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