Monday, June 06, 2005

Would you use a toilet with one-way glass?

After writing about the exploding porta-potty, I was reminded of this great art project that deals with our innermost fears...using a public toilet with lots of strangers walking around you while you take care of business.

Plenty of people only go to the bathroom at home and will only use a public john when nature is making a truely emergency call. However, in this artwork, you go to the bathroom in a glass-enclosed porta-potty located in the middle of a very public area, but the obvious catch is nobody can see inside while you can clearly view everyone else. It's creepy when you think about it. I would actually give it a chance, but I'm not sure I could really let things go, if you will, with strangers around me, even if I know they can't see inside.

The artist is 38-year-old Monica Bonvicini (not seen above) who debuted the work, "Don't Miss A Sec", in December 2003 when she placed it at a construction site in Switzerland.

So it begs the question, would you use it?

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