Friday, June 24, 2005

Someone Had A Huge Brain Freeze

In the world of PR, you want to make enough noise to be heard. Though there is the saying that any publicity is good publicity, this may not be one of those times. (I recognize talking about it actually promotes it further, but as you'll see, the food doesn't exactly perform as promised).

Snapple decided to promote its line of popsicles by creating a world record-sized frozen treat, weighing in at 17.5 tons and 25 feet tall.

Well, the popsicle made its way to Union Square in the city (the city meaning NYC and never DC!). It was about 80 degrees on Wednesday which melted the treat rather quickly. So fast that the once solid kiwi-strawberry concoction was now liquid that flooded the street and had people running for cover.

I'm not sure how great this publicity is for Snapple since you'd like your frozen food to actually survive the summer temperatures. I wonder if New Yorkers thought it was some remake of 1988's classic remake of "The Blob".

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