Sunday, June 19, 2005

Never catching up with my magazines...

In the last year, I started many a magazine subscription. I only pay for one, Sports Illustrated, which has always been a great read. The other magazines are based on free subscriptions I signed-up for on the good 'ol Internet. Well things have been pretty busy over the last month so I haven't had the time to at least glance at the magazines as they come in.

So for the last week or two, I've been on this magazine reading binge, and I've still got more to go. I'm about 2 weeks behind on SI, and thanks to some devout reading time last weekend, I'm "only" a month behind on the other free magazines.

While I enjoy the other magazines, they were free subscriptions so there isn't any pressure to read all of them for fear of losing out on any money. For some reason, I am stubbornly determined to get back on schedule. Outside of the SI subscription I purchased and 1-year deal with ESPN the Magazine received as a gift, I get the following for free: Maxim (somehow until 2008!), FHM, 2 copies of Stuff, The Sporting News (which has never been a good read), Popular Science, Forbes, and Electronic Gaming Monthly (yet I don't play games on my computer which isn't fast enough and doesn't have the memory to handle the games).

I make it a point to read the male in his mid-20s magazines, but pass on the others except for a quick glance (which is redundant since a "glance" is fast, but my glances are even quicker than your typical glance). There are plenty of other free magazine subscriptions out there, but I've decided to curb my subscribing ways since they're not interesting in the first place and so I don't force myself into permanent hermit status just trying to keep up with the latest issue of Reader's Digest.

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