Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Cleanest Bathroom You'll Find

I arrive for work early. I mean really early. As in before sunrise if I get myself out of bed before 5:45. It lets me beat traffic on Route 29 and usually lets me deal with Beltway slowdowns before they become Beltway stoppages around Georgia Avenue. I'm one of the first people in my office and almost certainly the first male on the floor.

One of the perks is being the first male is I get to use the uber-sanitized men's room every morning. It is by far the cleanest bathroom I get to use during the day. Granted, the bathroom at home is clean and I know the only other user, but it's not bleached, chlorinated, and nuked with cleaning supplies every evening. Plus, the home bathroom's daily quality naturally goes down because of my presence.

I like Mr. Bean's bathroom layout in case of blockages. (YouTube clip)

The early morning men's room smells clean, looks clean, and feels clean (or was that too much information?). It's nice knowing I don't have to worry about bathroom disease horror stories to start the day. I don't take the low amount of germs for granted because I still follow good public bathroom sanitary safety, but the chance of getting sick is at its lowest each morning. Of course after 9 AM all bets are off. At least this bathroom doesn't put me in situations where I have to walk around with my pants down just to see what I'm doing.

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