Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm the Rocky Marciano of the Colesville Road/495 Off-ramp

My commute is filled with several road rage inducing merges and rude drivers, though to be fair, sometimes there's a driver with a hint of decency. Today's disjointed commute rant involves the poor signage for the outer loop of 495 on southbound Colesville Road/Route 29.

Only three signs alert drivers of the 495 exit.

Sign #1 states the exit is 9 miles away (it ends up being 8.6 but who's counting).

I have no qualms here. It gives a nice early warning that the Beltway is several miles away and that you're heading in the right direction.

Sign #2 states the exit is in a 1/4 mile.

This isn't enough notice. Another sign should appear at least a mile before the exit so inexperienced drivers know they should get to the right to prevent a cluster(-f) at the exit's ramp. There are many traffic lights through White Oak approaching Silver Spring and earlier signage would prevent last minute exit lane merges. Ah, who am I kidding? Even with the best signage, rude drivers will still try to cut over within 1/4 mile of the off-ramp.

Sign #3 marks the off-ramp to the outer loop of 495.

Some drivers wait until this sign to come to a complete stop in the right through lane on Route 29 and wait for a chance to cut over. You're not kidding anyone. 99% of the drivers at 7 in the morning know the exit's location and they should have gotten over earlier. It's these drivers that keep me playing GTA III when the mood strikes.

Let the record show that nobody has cut in front of me within 1/4 mile of the off-ramp. I'm the Rocky Marciano of the Colesville Road/Outer Loop of 495 off-ramp! Nobody will get in front of me, nobody. I shall always be undefeated.

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