Friday, October 07, 2005

"How not to end an awkward conversation" by Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson

A few weeks ago, I heard a song that was nice the first few times, but should have been retired long ago. "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" performed by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet is a nice simple song, but shouldn't have included that awkward conversation at the end. Though Buffet didn't write it, the lyrics follow his poor man lyrics. I enjoy his songs and have no problem with this one except they need to admit when there's nothing else to say (one of the most annoying situations to be in). I know this song was popular months and months ago, and I had moved on until one of the local stations decided to open the scab by playing it one more time. Just for fun, read the following actual lyrics with someone else and try telling me they shouldn't have just said, "It's 5 o'clock so let's go."

Jimmy: What time zone am I on? What country am I in?
Alan: It doesn't matter, it's five o'clock somewhere.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere? Really? Wow, it's not like you just sang an entire song about that.

Jimmy: It's always on time for Margaritaville. Come to think of it.
Alan: I heard that.

Couldn't they have ended it here with Alan saying it's time to go? Nope. Of course not. We've all been to Margaritaville so we don't care about Alan's experience, yet they press on.

Jimmy: You've been there haven't ya?
Alan: Yes sir!

Jimmy didn't need to ask him this question since Alan already implied his previous visits.

Jimmy: I've seen your boat there.
Alan: I've been to Margaritaville a few times.
Jimmy: Alright, that's good.

I guess the biggest issue I have is with all of these "Yes Sir" "Alright, that's good" "I heard that" lines that really make their silly conversation drag even more.

Alan: Stumbled on my way back.
Jimmy: Okay, well I just want to make sure you keep it between the navigational beacons.
Alan: deep sultry laugh hahaha! Keep it between the buoys. I got it!

Come one fellas, we're getting off topic here.

Jimmy: Alright, well it's five o'clock. Let's go somewhere.

Jimmy, though you thankfully get back to the subject at hand, Alan already established it's 5 o'clock somewhere and you acknowledged that with your Margaritaville reply. You two should just end this song and get a room already.

Alan: I'm ready. Crank it up!

Ok, so by this point we've established it's time to get some drinks and that Alan and Jimmy are on their way out, so why talk even more? Alas, they continue on.

Jimmy: Let's get out of here.
Alan: I'm gone!

It's about freakin' time you two left already. Thanks to your loquacious (thanks SAT vocab list) ways, it's at least 5:01 and no longer time for any drinks. You sound like two women trying to decide what they're going to wear for a night out, only to keep going back and forth when the first thing you looked at would have sufficed.

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