Monday, October 03, 2005

Don't Call It a Comeback, I've Been Here For Years

I made my unheralded return to ultimate frisbee on Sunday. After not playing for about two months, it showed in quick exhaustian and lack of stamina. However, I did throw a few forehands in the game after turning out a few nice ones in practice. I had a few scores when my energy was there, but by the second game, I was drained. We won the first game 7-3 after being down 3-1 and lost the second one 7-5. I had a good time playing and most of the familiar faces were still there. If I get myself out there for the next few Sundays, I'm confident my effort on defense will improve. My right knee hasn't caused me any trouble, though my left thigh might have gotten a little bruised. No matter, I'll keep playing because I'm tough like that.

Of course, playing ultimate (not at the level in the above picture) means not watching the entire day of football. I'm really okay with this since I wouldn't watch the local games anyway because local games here mean the team from Washington. Despite their lucky victory, my other more-rootable (is that a word?) teams won on Saturday and Sunday.

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