Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wrapping up Walt Disney World

After documenting my family vacation in Walt Disney World (WDW) with extremely overdone detail (just to make sure the point hits home), I have a few concluding thoughts on WDW.

WDW really is a Never Land (not to be confused with Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch). It's a dreamworld with its litterless walkways and absolute safety from any crime. Everybody is so nice (except the French waiters) that you can't help, but be just as nice to everyone you meet. People in line that you'd find annoying in the supermarket, suddenly aren't "too" talkative, but instead they're just very friendly. Though the bag search at the park's entrance is done by a rent-a-cop, there is never any fear of pickpockets or other crime occuring in the park's borders. Good luck hearing a curse out of anyone (except if you sat next to me on the adult rides). Though a 16-year-old is in critical condition after riding the Tower of Terror that we went on five days ago, the park really is a safe place to visit.

WDW is a very expensive experience. As already written, park passes really cost an arm and a leg (I've always wondered how much an arm and a leg actually goes for these days) and when the weather is very hot in the summer, eventually you'll end up buying food and water just to keep upright. While some meals and food stops aren't too pricey, at the end of the day you will look in your wallet and wonder where all of you money went. To visit WDW and save cash, stay off the resort property, rent a car to drive to the park, make your own breakfast in your hotel and/or stuff your face at a buffet so you can make it until 5ish before your next meal. At that point, you can either bite the money-eating bullet and eat on the property or call it a day and eat anywhere not WDW.

If you don't do well walking amongst huge throngs of people, the Magic Kingdom and MGM might give you some problems. Epcot was fairly wide open and easy to get around. It's also key to plan your trip and the 3 rides/attractions you definitely want to accomplish in each park. Try to get yourself out of bed early so you can not only use the great FastPass option, but then wait in line for the other rides and enjoy them until it's time to use the FastPass. Also, make it a point to talk with the other people waiting for the ride. If you're going to stand next to them for 45 minutes, you should at least say hi and ask them where they're from - it's all part of the WDW experience and doesn't cost extra.

If we experienced any must-do attractions at WDW, you should visit the Aerosmith Rock n' Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror (if your health is up to it (sorry, bad pun)), Mission: Space (if you want the possibility of seeing what you just ate for lunch), Space Mountain (the precursor of the Aerosmith ride, but still just as fun) and the Mad Tea Party or spinning teacups (always a classic). Other attractions were just okay and we could have done without like the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride (just try to beat my 61,900 points!), the Muppets 3-D movie (for a little comic relief and some average 3-D scenes), Soarin' (felt like a short ride), Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride's surprise was pretty good, but animatronic chickens get old very fast), and Test Track (for it being Disney's longest ride, the last 10 seconds are the only good part). Some attractions really disappointed us like Stitch's Great Escape (very short and not very entertaining after being harnessed into our seats, we didn't move), and Living With the Land (unimpressive and who cares about new ways to grow tomatos?).

Unfortunately we didn't get to try Body Wars because it is out of season (who knew an indoor ride has its own seasons), and some of the shows like the Extreme Stunt Show and maybe Indiana Jones might have been decent. We didn't visit Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, or either waterpark, but heard the 3-D bugs movie in Animal Kingdom was good.

Ok, ok, I think we've all had our fill of WDW this week, so it's time to return the blog to your regularly schedule reading. And you thought you wouldn't miss my entries on poor common courtesy, bad drivers, and problems I'm already having with my brand new car.


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