Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Imelda Marcos' Shoes Were Ahead Of Their Time

Imelda Marcos really is a hero to many women around the world for her shoe collection. The shoe collection even has its own freakin' museum! With that in mind, I have yet to figure out why every woman in the states and our friends in Europe loves shoes. I recognize they are needed to protect your feet from the harsh elements, and it's true that they usually "complete an outfit" so they must be chosen correctly, or else undo any great outfit you're wearing. I clearly understand the need to have shoes that match or "go with" some outfits, but do you really need more than 7 pairs for all of the clothes in your closet?

Call me a simpleton (which some women think all men are), but a guy buys a pair of dress shoes that cover a multitude of clothing options. We don't buy one pair for just one pair of jeans, but instead buy a pair because it can be used in many ways. Call us frugal if you will, but I think it's good shopping sense and self-control. Sure, women are good at finding great looking clothes to wear, but when they shop for shoes they always/automatically buy the pair - even if it's only worn with that one blouse from H&M with a lifetime "wearage" of about 3 nights out. Not to mention even if the shoes hurt a woman's feet, she'll still buy it if it looks great.

This topic is on my mind after I read that the average woman spends almost $54,000 on shoes in her lifetime (yes, I converted pounds to dollars). While this is another useless study done more for water cooler conversations than advancing our society, it is still quite shocking. The article goes on to say, "One third of women say they have 25 pairs of shoes in their wardrobe, and around 1.3 million women claim to have well over 30 pairs, according to research carried out by the Churchill Home Insurance group." Also, 86% of women buy at least one pair a month and 80% said they own at least 10 belts.

Do you really need that many accessories? I'll admit men's clothing is usually simple with fewer colors and easier choices, but why can't women follow our intelligent lead? I know that I don't have the sharpest eye for fashion, but I don't stray too far off the beaten path for my clothes. My shoe collection is made of 6 pairs that include a pair of: sneakers, basketball shoes, cleats, black dress shoes, and 2 pairs of brown dress shoes. I guess you could say I have 7 pairs if you count my slippers. With these 7 pairs, I have accounted for all of my clothes, from the formal business attire to playing basketball or soccer. I own 2 black belts and 1 brown belt. Again, those cover all my clothes.

Maybe it's because I haven't broadened my fashion sense beyond the chains in the mall, but there just can't be that great of a need for multiple pairs of shoes and lots of belts. Perhaps I should realize it's just another unexplained thing about women that men are destined to never understand.

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