Friday, July 15, 2005

The BORF Graffiti Mystery Explained & Life As A Scavenger Hunt

As I have made my way around the inner loop of the beltway for the last few weeks, I have noticed some graffiti on the divider near the American Legion Bridge. It reads, "BORF" and has some miscellaneous letters like "LAZF" afterward. I had no idea what it was nor who wrote it. Then, the Washington Post reported that the "artist" who wrote BORF all over the DC area was caught. 18-year-old John Tsombikos was arrested on Wednesday for defacing many important and not so important pieces of property around these parts. He marked everything from the Roosevelt Bridge to a random garbage can and lightpost.

He said he was making political statements and the like, but I don't think they came across that well. I didn't really mind the markings since they weren't on my property. Some DC folks enjoyed playing a game to see where his work would be found next. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it too had I heard about it. This is reminiscent of the "All your base are belong to us" writings from a few years ago. That one I enjoyed since I was "in" on the game of finding the next appearance.

(I'm not sure why the following was even written, but my mind tends to wander so bare with me)

Perhaps life itself is a scavenger hunt in which we're all hunting for different things. Whether we're actively trying to find means for more money and material goods, or finding avenues to experience certain emotions, each day is filled with scavenger hunts that we must figure out how to complete. To maintain a a quality of life and buy things we need and desire, we go to work to help us reach that goal, just as we begin social and professional friendships, as well as romantic relationships to experience emotions. When an undesired emotion is felt, we start looking for ways to feel differently, thereby starting our hunt over with a new strategy.

I've run out of philosophical steam for now so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead (or maybe I'm really behind). Anyway, it's Friday and time for a nap.

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