Thursday, July 07, 2005

Greetings from Disneyworld

For the first time, I'm actually blogging as it's meant to be, with up to the minute news and postings as things happen (and without any proofreading). Disneyworld sure is a great place to visit on someone else's dime. If you make it out here, beware of very slow walkers, especially during the fireworks (really can't blame them), and make it a point to use the Disney FastPass where you schedule when you'll get in line.

With no pressure to see everything, we have concentrated on 3 or 4 rides in each park. Yesterday was the Magic Kingdom with the spinning teacups, Toy Story shooting game (high score by me with 61,900), Lilo and Stitch animatronic ride (not as good as it could have been), Space Mountain (a must on any Disney trip), and pirates of the carribbean (no time for spell check) which was another animatronic ride that was pretty good.

We made dinner reservations for this seafood restaurant near the hotel, but we cancelled that to stay in the Kingdom through the night for the light parade and fireworks. Of course, when we walked around to find a place to eat, all of them were booked for the rest of the night so we just scarfed down some hotdogs. The light parade was pretty neat (did I just say something was "neat"?), but the real highlight was the fireworks show that ended with a ton of them criss-crossing over the castle.

So far today at MGM, we knocked out this ride designed to brainwash us with some sort of "save mother nature" belief, whatever that is, crazy Disney. It had a short wait so it wasn't all bad. This afternoon my sister, dad, and I did the Muppets 3-d show (just as much as I recalled 10 years ago), Aerosmith rollercoaster that was really great. Think of it as a modern take on Space Mountain with a completely dark ride with a loop, corkscrew, and 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, and then we did the Tower of Terror. Oh yeah, the other thing about Aerosmith is we did the FastPass on this one that made our wait in line all of 5 minutes, instead of the 45-minute wait for standby.

The tower ride shook us up more than Aerosmith thanks to 5 free falls before finally being dropped all the way down. They really improved this ride from 10 years ago when you were "just" dropped from the 13th floor and that was it. Now with multiple mini-drops, you can't prepare yourself for the big fall since you really don't know when it's going to happen.

Tonight we're having dinner in France and hoping to catch a ride in Epcot amongst the human body experience, Soarin (where you do a virtual hang glide), and Mission: Space (or something like that). Tomorrow is more Epcot and whatever else we can fit. I think we're going to visit Pleasure Island as well if time permits, etc.

That's it for now since we've got a reservation for 8, but maybe I'll actually do a legit live blog entry two days in a row.

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