Saturday, May 20, 2006

How Do You Say Not Funny in chinese?

I drove up to New (or "Dirty" or "Smelly") Jersey this weekend for Mother's Day because I'm a good son like that. I was only there for 24 hours so I had zero time to swing by any local friends and was constantly on the move. We did our B and T Crowd required visit to the city and went into Chinatown on Saturday night for dinner. While I was washing my hands in the restaurant's bathroom, I read the obligatory "Employees must wash hands before returning to work."

As the ever off beat thinker I am, I thought since we were in a chinese restaurant in Chinatown, the sign should have naturally read:

Employees must wash hands before returning to wok.

Hello? Anybody? As with all of my jokes, I always seem to find them the funniest, and couldn't stop laughing the entire weekend. When you own a comedy club, sometimes you are the only performer and have to be the only paying customer cracking a smile.

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