Monday, May 22, 2006

About That Guy Wearing a Sports Illustrated Sweatshirt During Happy Hour

I made an appearance on Friday with some peeps out in Arlington at Whitlow's on Wilson. It was a good time (which is always ensured when someone pays for 90% of the expenses including tons of games of pool over the 5 hours we were out). I will never be confused with someone who has a sense of style or even what clothes match without getting assistance, but while I was watching some folks play biliards, I saw this guy walk in wearing his free Sports Illustrated (SI) sweatshirt.

Mow the lawn instead.

Even I know that sweatshirts like that (and all in general) shouldn't be worn at evening social functions like a generic happy hour. Now if we're going to watch a sporting event, go ahead and show your team pride with a sweatshirt, but don't wear it when everyone is, at the very least, wearing clothes you'd find at Old Navy. By wearing that sweatshirt (which we all know he got for free with his subscription), it just says he's either lazy, doesn't have common sense, severly needed to do laundry, or is such a fan of SI that he takes baths with cover pages strewn on top. If he falls into the latter group, I'm actually disappointed he wasn't wearing matching sweatpants. I bet he has a football phone connected to each jack.

I've never seen anyone use this, but I bet SI Sweatshirt guy owns a few of them.

I love SI and can't wait to read every issue, but I'm not going to wear the free sweatshirt unless I'm running Saturday morning errands. It's clearly in that category of clothes. Ya know those clothes you just throw on because you're mowing the lawn or food shoppping. It isn't so bad that it falls into the category of only worn while lounging around the house, but that's also difficult to define sometimes. He had enough sense not to wear sweatpants, but I think that's because they were all in the washing machine. I'm due to renew my subscription and get a free SI Fleece, but I will only wear it when I'm doing something very casual like running errands - not when I'm out for a night on the town. Even I know this and that's sad.

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