Saturday, August 08, 2009

It's the 2009 Howard County Fair!

I made my way to the land of manure, farm equipment, over-tanned people, carnival rides, carnies, and animal shows...also know as the Howard County Fair. County fairs are smaller than the state fair and that's just fine with me. Everyone reaches their limit of animal stalls to see and the county fair has just enough. Offering twice as many cows, rides, and games is a waste when half that amount is all I'm looking for.

One suggestion for next year...offer fried dumplings. Apparently it's impossible for a Maryland fair, at any level, to offer the best carnival snack. Think malasadas or funnel cake balls doused in powdered sugar.

Onto the pictures!

Another August means another HoCo Fair.

Nothing says you're not a superstar yet like being advertised on a HoCo Fair's Richie Fields, Nashville recording artist!

I now control you, rabbit. Soon the world!

What I'd look like reincarnated as a rooster.

Like the military...all haircuts are high and tight.

When your animal's on display, hairdryers are just the beginning.

Just like the scene from...

....Lady and the Tramp. Or close enough.

I dare thee to find a cuter animal.

This pony requires more than the 0.03 acres of land we have.

Not exactly what Ludacris meant when he talked about milking the cow.

The Mountain Dew souvenir cup doubles as a bong.

The best chicken fingers anywhere!

Ride this if you'd like to see those chicken fingers again.

Her magic cooking produced fried Oreos.

A fried Twinkie is much better than a fried oreo, but it was worth a shot.

At least they used double stuff oreos.

You are such a horse's @$$!

The horse world's NFL combine. Checkout the pretty horse's vertical.

Last place becomes bacon!

Pig racing at a 4-H fair is sooooo Maryland, but I can't help myself.

Does a dunk tank ever get boring? I think not.

Jacob's Ladder...the key is to keep moving.

Or else you fail.

13 MPG means this baby will easily receive the maximum Cash for Clunkers rebate.

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Cyndy said...

Great pictures! I guess it's not summer without a county fair. Last year the best I could do was the Burtonsville Fire Department carnival. I think a county fair is definitely in order this year!