Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today I Became a Land Baron

I settled on the house today and am in full packing mode. I’ll begrudgingly be away from my computer for an entire 48 hours until we are reconnected with the internet. Fortunately we’ll still have cable during this all-important March Madness time of year. Unfortunately we had no choice but to re-up with awful Comcast because FIOS hasn't made it to our development yet.

Parting of growing old is saying goodbye to old videogame consoles including the NES Advantage, Power Pad, and World Class Track Meet.

In an effort to not be a pack rat, I threw away the last items that will never serve any purpose: my Sega Genesis and Nintendo consoles. I had visions of making the next generation learn just how good they have things in the future of videogames, but it just wasn't worth it. Well, that, and they're fetching few dollars on eBay. With that we are boxed and ready to make the Saturday move. The weather looks spectacular and because I’m still less than 30 years old, it’ll also be the last one in which I do the heavy lifting.

My left-handed signature is pretty messy as is, but today’s settlement crushed any notion I had of being a repeatable calligrapher. After 40 or so signatures and another 20 initialings, give or take 15, my signature was a total disaster, but legally it was good enough to get me the keys. Just to make things more difficult I had to sign my middle initial as well, something I’ve never done before. I suppose now would be an opportune time to thank my 3rd grade teacher for lessons in script handwriting, but script writing discriminates lefties.

I claim this townhouse on 0.03 acres for me!

I am moving from the land of apartments to the land of home ownership. I will transform into Mr. Handyman thanks to a Do-It-Yourself handyman book for me. I'm proud to have done my part to help the country's economy. Now I just have to open that Home Depot credit card and buy myself a ladder.

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