Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And You Play Music While Pumping Gas Because?

Perhaps it's a sign that I've become a crotchety old man before 30 years of age, but why do people feel the need to play music while pumping gas? This goes beyond loud speakers and bass vibrations that I can only hope loosens their wheel nuts enough to give them a hilarious 3-wheeled car. As documented many times, I am not about to be a music critic, but even I know the music often sucks.

Just because you bought expensive audioware doesn't mean that I want to hear it.

There's no way that hearing the music is so important that y0u just have listen to it all the time. Would it kill you to turn it off? Are you looking to win over someone's affection because the music is even louder with your door open so its speakers are heard too? It's not like anyone is looking to dance at their gas pumps.

My time at a gas station could be a lot funnier.

I don't understand the need or purpose of killing your battery just to play your jams. Of course, I'm being kind here, giving the benefit of the doubt that you do have your engine turned off. The other day by the beltway and Wisconsin Avenue, someone was pumping gas and powering their awful music with their engine. I'm pretty sure that that's a big safety hazard. Idiot.

So that's why there's no self service in New Jersey!

These bastions of noise pollution must be aware of how loud their symphony of gobbledygook is to everyone quietly pumping their gas. I don't understand why there's a need to make everyone else aware of your music preference. Windows and doors were made to give us audible privacy, yet these gas station DJs see their opening to annoy everyone.

Playing music is annoying, but it's not this stupid. I love how this guy keeps pumping after the car goes bye-bye.

Perhaps the music wouldn't be so loud if I took the flammable liquid readily at my disposal to destroy their subwoofers. Now that sounds great to me.

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