Sunday, July 09, 2006

Less College T-Shirts Means I'm Getting Older

I admit it, I'm getting older (and not just because of a smaller AIM buddy list). Clearly on the second-half of my 20's (what my dad sagely called "your greatest decade" because of the many great life events during this time), I have almost completly weaned myself away from my bachelorhood college days. The last pieces of evidence in my room from college besides that diploma thingy, are the remaining t-shirts that were much to easy to get all over campus. From Cole Field House basketball shirts to Byrd Stadium handouts with the MD - Testudo seal, it was easy pickings as long as you didn't mind being a billboard for Pepsi or Chevy Chase Bank. As a college student, each t-shirt was another day I didn't have to do laundry.

Red shirts hide stains and have a longer shelf-life than whites, but eventually these have to go too. Only to immediately be replaced with a new one.

As the months since graduation pass, these shirts and I are showing our age. I apologize for too much information, but the white shirts are now replete with some oh-so-attractive yellow armpit stains that have solidified and crusted over (as if you've never had shirts stained like this!). In a sign of maturity or more likely common sense, those shirts have long since been thrown away. I tried salvaging a few by just cutting out the sleeves, but like water damage in a house, once it's there, you can't avoid the mold. I'm down to about seven shirts that will be thrown out soon enough as my balancing scale of college t-shirts dwindles on one side and my age rises on the other. It's a great excuse to buy more gear.

Enjoy this white one while you can. Soon it'll be thrown away and you won't be in college anymore.


Melissa Marie said...

I must admit that I still have Cavs shirts from two logos ago (I was 13 at the time). I am reluctant to part with them because they represent the most happy, carefree time of my life. I'm still waiting on those great late '20s moments.

B and T Crowd said...

There's nothing wrong with holding onto the memories a shirt gives you. Thanks for stopping by.