Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fancy Construction Scaffolding - Only In Bethesda

As I made my way to downtown Bethesda for some Ben and Jerry's yesterday, I walked along Woodmont Avenue toward Old Georgetown and a construction site for new condos. Such sites are nothing new for the area so I thought nothing of it, let alone the fixture I'd walk under alongside the big tonka trucks being used. Maybe it's because I was in Bethesda or maybe it's because someone had some extra time and money to spend, but the scaffolding over the sidewalk was the fanciest I've ever experienced.

Scaffolding usually looks like this...

...or this...but not in fancy shmancy Bethesda.

Not only did it have wooden boards painted a nice white; it had an arched ceiling; lights strung along the entire path; a rubber carpet path; and peepholes at different heights, to checkout the worksite, that were painted to look like the 25 cent binoculars you find at the Empire State Building, etc. I know I'm making too much of this, but I am so impressed that a construction site afterthought was so well done that I had to let you know of Bethesda's newest tourism attraction.

Cathedral ceilings are just the start of a scaffolding in these parts.

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