Tuesday, April 26, 2005

She's From Canada, So There's No Excuse

Did ya hear about Caroline Marcil, the Canadian woman who slipped on the ice while trying to sing our National Anthem? Checkout the video here.

She was to sing it before an exhibition hockey game between the U.S. and Canada. Well, after getting stage fright and forgetting the words, she went back into the entrance tunnel to find a copy of the words. Upon walking back onto the ice and the small carpet where she would stand, she slipped and fell pretty hard. Of course, none of the hockey players behind her even made a move to help her up.

After a few seconds, she got back up and hurried into the tunnel and the game was played without the Anthem.

I understand that her stage fright would cause her mind to blank and forget the words, but there's no excuse for her falling on the ice because, um, hello, she's Canadian. Don't Canadians deal with ice and travel all the time? You'd think that they like walking on ice better than any other surface. I bet that they pour water on bare sidewalks in the winter just to feel more at home. In hindsight, maybe putting carpet on the ice was a bad idea because she didn't have much experience walking on the carpet since she only knows how to walk on ice.

I know she sang the whole song the next morning and all, but that goes down as one of the best worst (that's right, I wrote "best worst") Anthem performances ever. Right up there with Carl Lewis' rendition before a NJ Nets game where he not only paused b/c he forgot some of the words, but tried and failed hitting notes that no man should even think about going for.

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