Monday, April 04, 2005

Is An Extra Hour of Daylight Worth a Bad Night of Sleep?

I recognize that I haven't been posting here as often as I and you, my adoring public, would like, so I will do my duty and post more frequently. Most posts will be shorter and may be as simple as an interesting link, but nevertheless, a new post will exist just about everyday.

I really like daylight savings time (DST) except how it messes with everyone's sleep for the first day or two, and of course the earlier sun glare. Who doesn't enjoy an extra hour of daylight? It takes care of any remaining winter doldrums and makes me think about exercising outside. Of cousre, thinking about exercising outside and doing it are two entirely different things. Thanks to my tricky right knee that's still giving me trouble, outside exercise will consist of walking and not running, but it all helps.

I had some trouble falling asleep last night and owe it all to DST (and a 90-minute nap I took in the afternoon). I figure my body has a clock that figures when it is correct to sleep and get tired based on how long it has been since the sun went down. Well, thanks to DST, it's all out of whack and an hour behind, meaning I fell asleep around 11:45 instead of the usual 10:45.

As I drove the GW parkway this morning, I was running about 10 minutes behind my average commute time checkpoints when I hit some traffic when the speed limit goes down to 40 MPH. I don't think I've experienced a backup that early on the parkway. I figure it's because the sun is at a new angle and probably makes the sunglare slowdown occur earlier than normal.

Since I'm not going to wakeup earlier to avoid the sun glare issues, I'll just have to suck it up like everyone else, but of course I'll still complain because that's everyone's right to do when there's traffic.

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