Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Fine Time On The Left Coast (Part 3 of 3)

I awoke Sunday morning realizing that I only had about 24 hours left in this vacation of no rest. Though I wanted to sleep in, I just couldn't. The schedule didn't allow for it and this whole working as an adult thing the last 7 years hasn't allowed me to sleep in on days off.

We made our way to Marina Del Rey so I could rent a bicycle for exercise and 20 miles of sightseeing. Nothing says I'm a tourist more than renting a cruising or comfort bike, but I didn't care.

We made our way from Marina Del Rey to Manhattan Beach and onto Hermosa Beach.

The bike shop owner told me that riding the strand would be easy, but I needed to be careful that I not strain my neck because of the other bikers, boarders, and runners.
He's a sage.

How can anyone in southern California not exercise everyday with this weather and this bike path?

We stopped at Wahoo's Fish Taco. Of course none of us ordered the fish taco, but the burrito was good and the table service was even better. I thought that this was a special locals-only spot, but it's part of an area franchise.

Living near the beach means having a bike that can haul your boards. Dude.

A Labor Day volleyball tournament action shot. Nobody was any good though.

At least when compared to the best doubles team in the world. Extra points to me for finding their plaque in cement pier. Minus points for actually taking the picture.

It's clear all beach patrons were under the watchful eye Michael Knight.

Ummm, I mean Mitch Buchannon and C.J. Parker!

Folks living by the beach have it really good.

After a dip in the pool we got ready for dinner in the Valley at Cafe Bizou. Somehow I saw no signs of Valley girl stereotypes. I was disappointed. The food was great though.

Monday brought a final meal of chicken cutlet curry at Hurry Curry that left me with a new found love for Japanese curry.

For my final food of the trip I needed one more cup from YogurtLand. My belly was full for the one-stop 2:15p flight that landed at BWI at 11:30p. The jet lag was totally worth it.

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