Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Not to See Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson Film a Movie in DC

Like any good worker in DC, I just had to try and catch a glimpse of Reese Witherspoon doing her thing in another chick flick/romantic comedy that I'll be dragged to; tentatively titled "How Do You Know" and directed by James L. Brooks of "Broadcast News" fame. This time Owen Wilson is a Nationals player who woos Reese (I think). Of course it takes a movie to make the Nationals look like winners and to fill the stadium with cheering Washington fans.

Unfortunately, I spent 15 minutes of my life standing across from the National Gallery to see either actor to no avail. So what follows are my celebrityless shots, mixed in with celebrity pictures taken by others with better lenses and more time to get better angles. Sorry, but I do have to get home to make dinner at a reasonable hour.

Somewhere, behind the tents, staff, and light sheets, Reese was there...I think.

Yep! There she is! (thanks to comingsoon)

Reese walks with DC workers trying to clock in for the day.

Warning, you might be in the movie if you stand here...

...that is unless this bottom of the barrel production assistant has his way. Those shades made him look so Hollywood...his college English professor style and super power trip makes him so much awesomer than everything. At least the other PAs I spoke with were cool.

These extras must have done their walks 15 times while I was there. It isn't so glamorous.

The only acting I saw. Just breathtaking work on my part, I know.

Would Reese dare to wear anything from this rack?

Yesterday, Reese ran on the Mall just like me!

Reese (or her character) shows me that it's okay, even for beautiful people, to (fake) vomit from a tough run on the Mall. Nevermind that the Mall is totally flat.

And action!

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Anonymous said...

I think you were watching the B-team in action.