Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food Shortage In Howard County

We are facing an epidemic of pandemic proportions. For the last few months, supermarkets have not supplied Howard County citizens with the foods they need to survive. It is unreasonable, unfair, and unethical for those in power to supply good eats, to withhold product lines they deem unworthy of shelf space. It's difficult and almost impossible to live day-to-day without the foundation foods that our diets are built around. This must come to an end before we fire up the torches and sharpen our pitch forks.

Let's get those withholding SFGs!

Every Saturday morning,  I visit the Target/Safeway shopping center to purchase 95% of the same items for the week's eating, but for the last few months, I have been unable to locate any Sour Fruit Gushers (SFGs). I have looked at a few Giants and other Safeways without any luck.

What has happened to our beloved source of 13 grams of sugar per pouch? My only choices are to purchase the regular Fruit Gushers or the Safeway brand of sour fruit snacks. No thanks. Why buy the store brand “Cola” when the best choice by a mile is Coca-Cola? It’s SFGs or nothing.

The holy grail.

I haven’t found SFGs in the Safeway near my office, but I don't want to discount all of Montgomery County just yet. If such well to-do counties like MoCo and HoCo lack SFGs, then it could easily be a problem across the state.

I'm just a little outside of its demographics.

I've located SFGs in Virginia Safeways and make it a point to stock up. Two weeks ago, I was in Vienna and wiped out the store’s supply of Triple Berry Shock SFGs. The cashier may have thought I was crazy to purchase all six boxes, but I needed my fix.

Now two weeks removed from the SFG binge and all of the SFGs are gone (they're Kosher!) and I need help. I need help because I'm in my late 20s and still enjoy this adolescent sugary snack, and I need help because the nearest vendor is an hour away. So please, food suppliers of Maryland, bring back SFGs before things turn violent.

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