Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Politicians Are Good At Aerating the Soil

With a full slate of elections in the DC metro area, comes an abundant, or rather gross amount of campaign signs stabbed anywhere grass is growing and people cross. As someone who did not invest any time learning out about the candidates and issues, I know for certain that seeing a politco’s sign on Wisconsin Avenue will not sway my vote. There are more signs per square yard than you’d see at a WWE event, including those provided to the fans by steroid Vince McMahon’s subordinates.

Attack...of the killer signage!

Is it really necessary to have 10 Adrian Fenty or Linda Cropp signs on the same plot of grass? Is Joe Six-Pack going to think, “Oh, I’m going to vote for Adrian because he has so many more signs than Linda, and I like his name because Rocky Balboa fought for his female counterpart’s heart. Therefore, he’s the best person to run DC (or at least reap the benefits of a new baseball stadium, while the education system won’t see any improvement again)"?

I am full of hope that I’m hopelessly na├»ve in thinking that some voters will choose someone solely because they remembered his/her name from a sign. Actually, that’s most assuredly the case. It’s how it’s done these days so you might as well play the game. No matter anyone’s reason to vote, it would have been nice if everyone could have voted that wanted to, unlike a few hundred people in MoCo. The right to vote is a wonderfully democratic power, but you can’t empower a voter’s power by not having electronic voter cards ready on election day.

Area soil loves election time.

I will be happy once these elections are finished and the signs, printed at Kinkos and attached to wood from Home Depot, are finally removed. I haven’t heard of any campaigning about environmental issues, but the candidate with the most signs could claim he/she is doing the most for the environment once the signs are removed, afterall, they’re not only campaigning, they’re also aerating the soil.

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"afterall, they’re not only campaigning, they’re also aerating the soil."