Monday, February 28, 2005

Sleeping with the lights on

So I was flipping between the Oscars and a few other channels around 10:15 when I fell asleep with the lights and TV etc. Needless to say (but I'm going to do it anyway), it was a rough night of sleep as I awoke several times this morning around 3:45 and then 4:30 and then 7:30. It's ok that I overslept a bit since I'm working from home today and I'll just have to work later in the day.

My knee isn't feeling as great as it was yesterday. While I bend my good left leg to about 45 degrees, I can only bend my right leg to about 70 degrees. I'm pretty sure it's just really sore and a little swollen since my mom said so, and it was my first running in about four months. If I can only do serious running stuff once a week, I'm fine with that since ultimate meets every Sunday.

I don't mind staying at home because of some wicked snowstorm, but it's 1 PM and we've had next to no snowfall while as of 5 PM yesterday, the weatherpeople (Ya gotta be PC sometimes) said a few inches would be on the ground by the morning rush hour. So people like myself worked from home and the county school systems closed for the day to avoid a hellish commute home later. It's all good since the work I'm doing now is the same stuff I'd be doing at the office and I get to stay in my pajamas :) Since this blog is still very young, I think a picture would be a bit much right now.

Let's see just how much snow we get in the next few hours. I'm trying hard to cut the weatherpeople a break since they can't control the storm's track, etc, but to go from 10 inches down to 4 is a big change. And don't get me started on the stupid banter between weatherpeople and TV anchors (that'll be the next post).lates.

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