Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Let's play MINGO - Metro Bingo!

It's time for everyone's favorite commuter game...MINGO!

To play MINGO, click on the image below and print your official card. During your Metro rides, cross out the squares that you observe, experience, or hear.

To win, cross out five squares in a row, in a column, or on a diagonal. Then be the first to call out, "Doors opening, step back to allow customers to exit. When boarding, please move to the center of the car." For a greater challenge, try to cross out all of the squares.

It's that easy and fun!

Click the image and set your printer to landscape to print an official MINGO game piece.

Here's the checklist version of MINGO in order of difficulty starting with the most frequent:
  1. Someone runs to catch a train
  2. Early-riser (someone who stands before the train comes to a stop and gains no exiting advantage)
  3. Broken escalator
  4. Loud headphones
  5. Delayed train because of mechanical difficulties or "schedule adjustment"
  6. Passenger loses balance by not heeding conductor advice that train is moving forward
  7. Someone runs to the train only to barely miss it
  8. Seat given as an act of chivalry
  9. Seat given to person in need (blind, crutches, pregnant etc.)
  10. Seat given to a Senior citizen
  11. A stanapper
  12. Tourist can't figure out that a Metro card is pulled out to open the gate

  13. Good luck crossing off #24. It's the most dangerous square.

  14. Poorly designed ad on a train that requires close reading to understand
  15. Obnoxious newspaper reader taking up too much personal space
  16. Station or conductor announcement overwhelmed by a loud beep in the background
  17. Left side of escalator is blocked by someone standing in the way
  18. Dirty looks given to a cougher or sneezer
  19. Someone eating or drinking on a train
  20. Wake a rider at the end of a line's route so he (meaning I) don't ride the train asleep to the railyard
  21. Arm stuck in doors
  22. Someone snores loudly
  23. Burning rubber odor in a station
  24. Leg stuck in doors
  25. Woman applying eyeliner while a train is moving
  26. Parent gets separated from child by closing doors

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