Friday, April 11, 2008

Thanks for the Memories and "What Not"

For the last five years of my working adulthood, my commute has changed in length, time, and route. The only constant for the drive home has been listening to the "Radio Gods" Don and Mike Show on WJFK. Sadly, today is Don Geronimo's (aka Michael Sorce) final show as Mike O'Meara makes it his own on Monday. Before the whole FCC crackdown on language and content, this show was spot on (thanks chef Ramsey). Even after the extremist censoring and Don's wife passing away, Don and Mike were entertaining enough to make my drive home seem less annoying.

Two years ago I actually participated in one of their contests and of course failed. You were given a random topic and had to talk about it for 30 seconds without pausing. I took a chance and got through. After remaining on hold for a good 10 minutes, I was suddenly on air and told to talk about Riverdance. Immediately I talked about its surprising popularity. That idea lasted for maybe five seconds before I thought of extending my talk to other popular forms of dance. About 10 seconds in they hung up on me because I had paused too long trying to transition from line dancing to the macarena. For a moment we connected.

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye,
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye.

Now my drive home becomes less enjoyable when I get north of Route 198. It's at that point that I would switch to 105.7 for the show's simulcast as 106.7 becomes static. But I won't get to listen to Mike's new show because 105.7 now plays the Ed Norris show or Orioles games. No thanks. Plus, 105.7 won't even play the last hour of Don's final show today because of Orioles pregame. Just pathetic.

Back on point....I'll definitely miss Don and give Mike a fair chance on his own...that is until I'm north of 198.
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Sam said...

I started listeining to D&M when i was a young child, 20 some years ago, on 105.1 WAVA. I left the area for 8 years to go to school and sow my wild oats. When i came back around 5-6 years ago D&M were still here, and better than ever. My first real job in the real world was wiht the fantastic author of this blog. We immediately connected and became friends because of our love of Terps Basketball and D&M. It's sad to see Don retire, but he deserves it. Farewell Don!